Raise a glass to ignite the world of One Piece


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91 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Undoubtedly, the age of great navigation is the best match with wine. Celebrate the victory, have a drink! Get away with it, have a drink! Talk about your dreams, have a drink! Soothe your worries, let's have a drink! Friends meet, let's have a drink! Say goodbye to the journey, let's have a drink! Go to death, let's have a drink! You can also have a drink if you talk, laugh and kill! The history of wine directly catches up with the history of human civilization. It carries the most simple desires of human beings. When drinking with one's bosom, equality of all beings is no longer an unrealizable wish. All things exist in this world because of expectations, and devil fruits are born because of human expectations. Dream wishes are strong enough to be a force that shines into reality. A wine fruit gave Wayne the possibility to break through the shackles. When the whole world is drinking the wine of Wayne, all beings are the power of Wayne! If you don't eat a toast, you will have to drink a fine wine! (No system, original wine fruit, original power system) —————————————————————— There are already three completed works, "The Pirate of the Holy Light Swordsman", "Konoha's Guardian of Tirisfal", "Druid's Marvel's Travels", and the above serialization period has never been updated, please support~


  • Raise a glass to ignite the world of One Piece
  • 举杯共燃海贼世界
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