In the Age of Mythology, I Evolved Into a Stellar Behemoth


600 Chapters
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600 Chapters · 135 Readers
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Author:Qun Yu Shan Tou Jian

Novel Summary

Above the sky, the thousands-meter-long Kun flew over the city, ignoring the missile bombardment. In Australia, the thousand-meter-long giant python destroyed the city, devoured millions of people, and left slowly under the explosion of several nuclear bombs. Coming to this dangerous world, Chen Chu, who accidentally obtained a newt clone, was a little at a loss. What can palm-sized hexagonal salamanders do? Shooting videos to earn traffic? Go to the creek to catch shrimp? Or…evolve into a giant beast? A hexagonal salamander, also known as the hexagonal dragon, has infinite evolution ability, and gradually evolves into a mythical and legendary monster that destroys the world. Body length of hundreds of meters, kilometers, tens of thousands of meters… And under the characteristics of synchronous strengthening, Chen Chu’s body is also getting stronger, the strength is getting bigger and bigger, the speed is getting faster and faster, and even…


TitleIn the Age of Mythology, I Evolved Into a Stellar Behemoth
Raw Title神话纪元,我进化成了恒星级巨兽
Addition DateMay 17, 2023
AuthorQun Yu Shan Tou Jian
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TagsChild Abuse,Clones,Evolution,Level System,Male Protagonist,Sex Slaves,Sister Complex,Transmigration