My Card Has Mutated and Evolved Again


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445 Chapters · 33 Readers
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Oh look, I found a little match girl in front, we slowly approached her, that’s it, yes, relax. Then we can view her card upgrade route. “Strengthening Route: Route one, take her to find [Monster Hunter·Little Red Riding Hood] and evolve into a light stalker. Route two, sacrifice a demon source card and sign a contract with the demon of light. Route 3: Sacrifice a fire magic card to obtain the flame wizard, which can grow into a blasting magician. Route four, sacrifice a wing equipment source card, which can evolve into an angel of light. Route 5, sacrifice a dragon source card, which can evolve into a blue-eyed girl with the strongest dragon power in her body. Route 6, sacrifice ten magic source cards of light attribute, obtain the witch inheritance, and become the eternal witch of light. Route seven, merge with the [Will of Light] card to inherit the Will of Light and be transformed into light. Route 8, merge with [God of Light] and [God of Darkness] to evolve into the goddess of chaos, the master of alternating light and dark, and the god of world development. ” ? ? ? Li Yan was surprised to find that there seemed to be some incredible evolutionary route.


  • My Card Has Mutated and Evolved Again
  • 我的卡牌又变异进化了
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