Uncle-Master, Please Help Us


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385 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Heng Sao Tian Ya

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Zhenxianzong, Sect Master and many other high-level officials suddenly fell, and the school fell into chaos. In order to restore stability and avoid destruction, in desperation, I had no choice but to invite the little uncle who had been practicing in the forbidden area to come out of the mountain. This little uncle is only 18 years old, and he has no cultivation base. When everyone is desperate, he suddenly finds that every word and every action he makes is in line with nature and the way of heaven. Just follow him. You can easily break through. At this moment, they realized that this little uncle, who had no cultivation base, turned out to be a truly peerless expert! Su Yin: I just talked about the postpartum care of sows. Why did you make breakthroughs one by one? Is there so many geniuses in this world? So scared, I want to go home…


TitleUncle-Master, Please Help Us
Raw Title有请小师叔
Addition DateMay 22, 2023
AuthorHeng Sao Tian Ya
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TagsCowardly Protagonist,Male Protagonist