The Era of Pupils: Awakening From the Beginning To Respect Pupils


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1049 Chapters · 49 Readers
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Author:Wan Nian Mo Yi Jian

Novel Summary

Chu Feng traveled to the world of the “pupil era”, where everyone has the opportunity to awaken the soul’s exclusive “super pupil”. Enter the “Tower of the Heavens”, complete the role-playing task, obtain “evolution points”, and unlock the powerful pupil technique! The world of martial arts, the world of Shushan, the world of mystery…In every mission of the heavens, there are “sky pupils” with the protagonist template! Killing the “Sky Pupils” will get extra “Super Pupil Talents” and SSS scores! Chu Feng awakened to respect the pupil at the beginning, and he could see luck with his left eye and fate with his right eye. When everyone was guessing who was the “Sky pupil”, Chu Tian had already completed the kill! [Congratulations on successfully slaying the God of Domination and obtaining the Eye of Eternal God! 】 [Congratulations on successfully slaying the Ancient Demon King and obtaining the Eye of the Sky Demon] [Congratulations on your successful slaying of the phantom Shadow Sha, and obtaining the Eye of Reincarnation! 】 I, Chu Feng, the strongest super pupil, has billions of super pupil talents!


TitleThe Era of Pupils: Awakening From the Beginning To Respect Pupils
Raw Title瞳术时代:开局觉醒至尊重瞳
Addition DateAugust 4, 2022
AuthorWan Nian Mo Yi Jian
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TagsBuddhism,Cultivation,Daoism,Eye Powers,Game Ranking System,Handsome Male Lead,Level System,Magic,Male Protagonist,Multiple Transported Individuals,Mystery Solving,Reincarnation,Sword And Magic,System,Weak to Strong,World Travel