My Wife May Be a Saint我家老婆可能是圣女

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1407 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Yu Xia De Hao Da

Novel Summary

Jiang Zuo has a beautiful wife, but she often travels on business. What are you going to do? was not busy giving him a hat, but went to cast down demons without telling him. Jiang Zuo, who learned the truth, sighed again and again, and it seemed that he could not sit still. For his good husband and wife life, Jiang Zuo could only make a secret move. Drop demons and slay demons, maintain the order of heaven and earth, no problem, as long as the wife is happy.


TitleMy Wife May Be a Saint
Raw Title我家老婆可能是圣女
Addition DateMay 23, 2023
AuthorYu Xia De Hao Da
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TagsBeautiful Female Lead,Male Protagonist