The Perfect Hidden Marriage


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722 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Su Jin, the adopted daughter of the Su family, fell in love with his elder brother Su Mubai in the most beautiful years. At the beginning, he promised, “We will get married when you graduate from college.” Later, he married another. Later, she was busy going on a blind date, with a dead heart, trying to enter an ordinary marriage. Jin Hengyuan, her Nth blind date, looks grim. At the first meeting, she wanted to scare him off: “If you feel it is suitable, you will get the certificate tomorrow!” He smiled faintly: “If you are on a business trip tomorrow, you must go in the afternoon!” In the afternoon, she became his wife. ★ She is a quiet woman who doesn’t quarrel or quarrel. No room, she said it’s okay. For dinner, she said AA system. Sleeping, she said to separate the beds. A woman pestered him, she turned a blind eye and left. There was a daughter clinging to him, she frowned, and she was calm. Hidden marriage, no one knows that they are husband and wife, she doesn’t care. After being calculated, he entered the police station, he came to protect her, and finally couldn’t bear it, and cursed at the beginning: “Do you have to be so stubborn? If something happens, you don’t even know to call me, when I am dead?” She was annoyed with her mouth: “Jin Hengyuan, do you treat me as your wife? If you treat me as your wife, why choose hidden marriage!” He turned into a smile, very good, and finally knew that he was angry. This love is finally no longer his monologue. ★ small theater: “Jin Hengyuan, I want a divorce!” “reason!” “You lied to me!” “How did I lie to you?” “You are obviously a lawyer, when did you end up doing errands?” “Isn’t the lawyer running errands for the client? I take care of all the miscellaneous cases. Isn’t it a miscellaneous job?” “…” Oh, damn, how could she marry such a stinky lawyer who loves to bully. ★ Marriage and love, warm and healing text, a new attempt, dears, if you like it, remember to collect it!


  • The Perfect Hidden Marriage
  • 完美隐婚,律师老公不太坏
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