I Have a Random New System Daily


3302 Chapters
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3302 Chapters · 44 Readers
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Author:Gong Zi Xiao Ge

Novel Summary

[Relaxed, humorous, semi-daily] Ye Tianyi traversed the body of a scumbag, and at the same time opened an infinite system. The infinite system randomly opened a different new system every time and received a heavenly reward. “Ding…Congratulations to the host for opening the [Oshen System].” “Ding…Congratulations to the host for opening the [Slacker System].” “Ding…Congratulations to the host for turning on the [Prediction System].” “Ding…Congratulations to the host for opening the [Goddess Search System].” “Ding……” “…” A life of an evildoer, a legendary story, does not shock the world with force, but seeks to stir the world. Ye Tianyi: “I used to be a good person until…” (A book that can read all the systems…a book that allows you to learn how to speak…)


TitleI Have a Random New System Daily
Raw Title我每天随机一个新系统
Addition DateSeptember 21, 2022
AuthorGong Zi Xiao Ge
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Monthly Rank#2718
All Time Rank#347
TagsAcademy,Accelerated Growth,Acting,Battle Academy,Beastkin,Beautiful Female Lead,Bloodlines,Body Tempering,Comedic Undertone,Complex Family Relationships,Doting Older Siblings,Empires,Eye Powers,Fantasy Creatures,Fellatio,First-time Intercourse,Handsome Male Lead,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Human-Nonhuman Relationship,Incest,Male Protagonist,Mind Control,Multiple Identities,Multiple Realms,Netori,Older Love Interests,Overpowered Protagonist,Perverted Protagonist,Polygamy,Sexual Cultivation Technique,Shameless Protagonist,Siblings Not Related by Blood,Spatial Manipulation,System,Threesome,Time Manipulation,Transmigration,Trickster