Global Awakening: Join The Chat Group At The Beginning全球觉醒:开局加入聊天群

647 Chapters
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647 Chapters · 30 Readers
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Author:Fei Xiang De Si Yan

Novel Summary

Resurrection of Reiki, Global Awakening Countless people have awakened their supernatural powers because of the nourishment of spiritual energy. The funny thing is that most people think they are the only ones who have awakened their powers. In this situation, Bai Xuan, who had awakened his ability, suddenly found himself joining the chat group connecting the heavens and the world. When seeing other passers-by who have awakened their abilities, they are either excited, secretive, refreshed, or confident in their eyes. Bai Xuan: Is there a possibility, just a possibility, that I am the protagonist?


TitleGlobal Awakening: Join The Chat Group At The Beginning
Raw Title全球觉醒:开局加入聊天群
Addition DateAugust 6, 2022
AuthorFei Xiang De Si Yan
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Monthly Rank#63
All Time Rank#69
TagsChat Rooms,Clever Protagonist,Crossover,Special Abilities,Transmigration,Male Protagonist