My Wife is Tsunade Konoha


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250 Chapters · 38 Readers
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This book is also known as "Building the Ninja World from Konoha", "Holding the Red Dragon Flag High in the Ninja World", "My Ninja Farming Diary". Haruki traveled to Naruto and became Tsunade's boyfriend. In this world, there are endless wars, and crazy geniuses are persistent and weird. For Tsunade's great career of Hokage, the flower planter's own talent awakened, he decided to carry out a vigorous reform with the skill of slaying dragons... oh no, farming. So a special change happened quietly in the ninja world. A high-speed railway was built between Shayin Village and Muye Village to start economic trade. Uchiha Obito entered the Akatsuki organization with red thoughts, and instigated Nagato. Namikaze Minato led the civilians of the Fire Nation to rise up, and the wave swept the ninja world. Uchiha Mikoto, who opened her eyes, punched Sasuke and kicked Itachi to revive her mother's glory. Orochimaru studies the nature and origin of chakra under the concept of science. The Hyuga family picked up the detonating talisman Gatling, and opened the white-eyed 8x mirror to kill the Quartet. Ps: Farming Articles, Invincible Articles, Dog Food Articles


  • My Wife is Tsunade Konoha
  • 我的老婆是木叶纲手
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