Infinite Clone System


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621 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Pei Jiao Da Mu Ye

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“You may not believe it, but the apostle who wants to unify all things, Piccolo, who wants to rule the world, Aizen who wants to transcend. There is also Gaetia who can travel through time to the birth of the planet… they are all my clones.” “Oh, of course, the same is true about that guy who fought the Hero.” “Uh, you mean Garou? He is there too, but I haven’t decided whether it is better to let him hunt the Akatsuki, or send him to hunt in the Mist village.”


TitleInfinite Clone System
Raw Title木叶之无限分身
Addition DateJune 5, 2023
AuthorPei Jiao Da Mu Ye
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TagsClones,Fanfiction,Level System,Male Protagonist,Ninjas,Strong to Stronger,Transmigration,Naruto