People are in Konoha, this Naruto is lying flat


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460 Chapters · 14 Readers
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Author:Wo Chi Ti La Mi Su

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[Hokage Youth Love Boutique], [Konoha Love Guidebook] Teenager's love is like wildfire in summer, hot and scalding. One-half of the soul, the girl who has the upper hand, those lovely girls... pure love shines like stars. This time, Naruto, who came through the soul, no longer entangled in his life experience, ignored those strange eyes, and bound the lying system. [Option 1: Pursue Sakura. Reward: S-rank ninjutsu. 】 [Option 2: Pursue Hinata and save ten years of detours. Reward: Nine-Tails' Approval (Nine-Tails Chakra can be used at will)] Do you even need to think about it? Naruto decisively chooses Hinata. Naruto was fishing by the river, and Mizuki suddenly appeared. Mizuki: "Naruto, do you desire power?" [Option 1: Reject Mizuki's invitation and tell him to get the hell out of here, so don't startle your nest. Reward: Full-level fishing. 】 [Option 2: Accept Mizuki's invitation and steal the sealed book. Reward: Dirty Reincarnation (Incomplete)] Naruto: Can you still hesitate? Three generations: "Where there are leaves, there will be fire burning, and the fire will illuminate the village, and new shoots will grow." Naruto: "6!"


TitlePeople are in Konoha, this Naruto is lying flat
Raw Title人在木叶,这个鸣人躺平了
Addition DateMay 28, 2023
AuthorWo Chi Ti La Mi Su
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