Terran Guardian人族镇守使

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1160 Chapters · 3 Readers
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Author:Bai Ju Yi Shi

Novel Summary

Upon reincarnating in a world where chaos was rampant, Shen Changqing became a member of the Great Qin Demon Suppression Division. Kill monsters and upgrade [Thirteen Cross Practice] to perfection! Kill powerful demons and break the limits of Martial Arts! KILL –– Several years later, Shen Changqing became the Guardian of the human race. All of the monsters and demons bow down before him! “As long as I am here, the human race will never be destroyed!”


TitleTerran Guardian
Raw Title人族镇守使
AuthorBai Ju Yi Shi
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TagsAncient China,Calm Protagonist,Cautious Protagonist,Cold Protagonist,Cultivation,Demons,Dolls/Puppets,Fantasy Creatures,Fantasy World,Fast Cultivation,Game Elements,Ghosts,Gore,Hunters,Level System,Monsters,Murders,Possession,Reincarnated in Another World,Ruthless Protagonist,Sword Wielder,Transmigration,Weak to Strong,Male Protagonist