My Sister is a Big Star


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775 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Mai Bao Xiao Lang Jun

Novel Summary

In a certain year, certain month, and certain day, my sister suddenly said: “I want to be a star.” Qin Ze calmly said: “Sister, you want to be beaten to death by your father, I have no objection.” My sister righteously said: “Qin Ze, my sister has taken care of you for so many years, you must remember this pot.” This is the story of a sister who keeps cheating her younger brother. Qin Ze: “Damn, fortunately I have a system” VIP group: 541379663 Ordinary group: 625044385, 658153790


TitleMy Sister is a Big Star
Raw Title我的姐姐是大明星
Addition DateJune 2, 2023
AuthorMai Bao Xiao Lang Jun
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Monthly Rank#3832
All Time Rank#3680
TagsAdapted to Manhua,Adopted Children,Clingy Lover,Incest,Male Protagonist,Protagonist Strong from the Start,System