Fairy, Please Let Me Explain


484 Chapters
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484 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Mi Tian Da Sha

Novel Summary

The Dayan Dynasty lasted for more than 1,300 years. The emperor is critically ill, the crown prince is in charge of the country, the local fairy gates are entrenched, and the central government is in chaos. wake up, Xu Yuan saw the ruined temple on a rainy night deep in the mountains, I saw the strange broken-arm stone Buddha, as well as, The woman in black wearing tulle next to the campfire. … … He became the third son of the final boss, the direct descendant of the villain with a clean life background and good roots. The fake villain is just waiting to be slapped in the face, while the real villain is fled all over the world by a big ice lump as soon as he comes up. Goldfinger? False villains only rely on golden fingers to make a fortune, while real villains dare to face the bleak life! “The sky did not give birth to me, Xu Changtian, and the villain is like a long night forever.” “…” “Father, save me!”


TitleFairy, Please Let Me Explain
Raw Title仙子,请听我解释
Addition DateJune 2, 2023
AuthorMi Tian Da Sha
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TagsMale Protagonist