My Koi Fish Wife


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597 Chapters · 16 Readers
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My mother said that time and space travel are all opportunities, and her marriage is in this difficult era. Therefore, she came across time and space, just when he was in distress. ** Qin Yiling accidentally opened his mother’s space-time tunnel, and was on the way to fleeing as soon as he wore it. Very good, it’s time to show real technology. I have my own treasure hunting qualities, and I can go from the mountains to the sea, and I can do whatever I want. As long as you smell and smell, the formula will be ready, and you will understand the superb pharmaceutical technology. What? The future is full of dangers? She is not afraid of natural and man-made disasters, but she is the daughter of luck, and Koi has to listen to her. Male main version: I heard the villagers say that anyone who gets close to him will be killed? Also heard that he is cruel to women? A certain man: Who is so rare? He has long lived a little fairy in his heart. No one knows that when he was in an accident when he was eight years old, a little fairy appeared next to him. That was the most beautiful time when he was young. He promised to marry her, no matter how many years in the past, he will wait for her to come to him again. ** A certain gangster’s grieved face: “Daughter-in-law, someone has made me think again!” Qin Yiling waved his whip: “Who? Stand up and let her understand why the flowers are so popular!” A certain gangster star eyes: a daughter-in-law is mighty, loves tiger oil! Subordinates: Boss, can you have a face? What about your cruel image? [Lovely, short and strong female man vs. lover and domineering man] 1. Two places, the marriage is fixed by nature, the strong will join forces, and each other favors each other. 2. Overhead, overhead, overhead, all settings are based on this book, and do not substitute for reality and the new modern background.


  • My Koi Fish Wife
  • 年代大佬的锦鲤娇妻
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