She Wants to Be a Salted Fish


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430 Chapters · 21 Readers
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The moment Chuci died in a car accident was bound by a merit system. From then on, only by doing good deeds and gaining merit can he prolong his life. Chu Ci glanced at his ten-digit balance in Alipay, sighed, silently lowered his head and ate a piece of 51 packs of instant noodles. After the meal, he gave the charity an anonymous payment of 10 million yuan. If you have money, you cannot spend it for yourself. When Chuci was eighteen years old, the critically ill old man of the Chu family didn’t know which of the tendons was wrong, so he suddenly took Chuci, the granddaughter who had been abandoned by them for many years, to go home. The Chu family decided that Chuci’s return was to fight for inheritance. Seeing Chu Ci, which totaled no more than one hundred yuan up and down, made the Chu family disgusted. The servants at home wear more decent clothes than Chuci. How could their family have such a desolate daughter? Still want to divide the Chu family’s legacy? no way! In fact, Chuci had no interest in inheritance at all, because she couldn’t spend the inheritance. What’s more, her own assets are more than those of the entire Chu family, and the legacy of Mr. Chu is not rare at all. What Chu Ci was worried about was being able to eat and drink for free in the Chu family. Because of the system’s regulations, if someone invites her to dinner, it doesn’t count as her expense, and no merit is deducted. Then she won’t have to worry about her eating and sleeping problems. Competing for property? nonexistent. Chuci just wanted to make a salted fish in Chu’s family, and mix food and drink.


  • She Wants to Be a Salted Fish
  • 大佬她想当咸鱼
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