Pirate: I Shock the World From the Top


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396 Chapters · 8 Readers
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One Piece World (Completed): On the eve of the summit, the Navy Headquarters urgently needs a large number of elite combat forces to deal with the Whitebeard Pirates that will attack the Navy Headquarters next. At this time, Warring States thought of the man who once shined for a while. “The former admiral, the man with the most potential to become a marshal!” “He was with Roger, Whitebeard, on this sea.” “But he was also the only general who made a big mistake and was erased by the navy.” Recalling the past, Warring States fell into hesitation. Whether to use him or not, this will make the Navy take great risks. The World of Naruto (Hot Serial): Starting from becoming the younger brother of Golden Shining, starting from the night of the Nine Tails, subverting Konoha and subverting the ninja world. Sarutobi Hiruzen: No one would have thought that the young man who had been mediocre for twenty years would possess a terrifying strength no less than that of his elder brother. No one would have thought that Konoha’s golden flashes were two men!


  • Pirate: I Shock the World From the Top
  • 海贼:我于顶上震撼世界(全本)
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