From the Void King To the Ghost Swordsman of the Light of the Beginning


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555 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Pei Jiao Da Mu Ye

Novel Summary

Grim Reaper Pursue the power of waves, keep company with the darkness, practice thunder and lightning waves, I am the ‘Emperor of Heaven’ Honing the power of blood, fighting with madness, becoming a blood demon and killing the sky, I am the “devil god” ………… Traveling into the world of the god of death, with the template of a dnf ghost swordsman, since the god of death has a king, and the destroyer has a king, then I will become the king of the void! Asura, Berserker, Devil May Cry, Sword Soul, Sword Shadow, Dark Warrior, Wandering Warrior, Demon Contractor, Sword Rider, Dark Templar, all of them are me! I am the ancient apostle, the God of Death in the Tower of Delusion, the Void King of the Tower of Despair, I am… In the beginning! The vest flow in this book, the behind-the-scenes flow, although the plot line started two thousand years ago, it will quickly transition to the plot


TitleFrom the Void King To the Ghost Swordsman of the Light of the Beginning
Raw Title从虚王到太初之光的鬼剑士
Addition DateFebruary 9, 2023
AuthorPei Jiao Da Mu Ye
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TagsCunning Protagonist,Fanfiction,Schemes And Conspiracies,Bleach