My Martial Arts Will Hang Up


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1309 Chapters · 81 Readers
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Traveling through the world of martial arts, Chen Fan discovered that the martial arts he had learned could be used on-hook, and sparring could improve the efficiency of on-hook, and enlightenment was like drinking water... "You have unlocked the martial art "Fierce Tiger Fist", and you are practicing automatically. The current efficiency is 5% per day." "You observe the actions of cats and cats, and you fall into an epiphany, and the progress of Tiger Fist training is increased by 50%." "You use the movement method "Three Thousand Thunder Movements" in the sparring, and comprehend the profound meaning of the movement method in the battle, and "Three Thousand Thunder Movements" has stepped into the subtle realm." "You use the "Three-foot Sword" to kill the enemy, the accuracy of the "Three-foot Sword" is improved, and the hang-up efficiency is improved!" ... "In this cold world, only hanging up can bring me warmth." - Chen Fan


  • My Martial Arts Will Hang Up
  • 我的武功会挂机
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