Tsundere Star Mom: Teach a Male God To Be a Dad


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1017 Chapters · 11 Readers
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Ai Qianqian picked up an injured man and went home. A certain man not only used her, ate her, and lived with her, but in the end he got naked and climbed onto her crib! Ai Qianqian roared with a blushing face, “Ji Tianqi, as far as it is forever, you can roll as far as you can!” A certain man began to roll in her small bed. Ai Qianqian got a nosebleed with anger. One day, Ai Qianqian saw news about the upcoming wedding of the president of the Ji Group on TV, but why did the man on TV and the enchanting man in their family not only have the same name, but also look exactly the same? ! A certain man knelt in front of her with a ring, “In order to repay the queen for her acceptance during this period, I decided to accept it with my own body.” Ai Qianqian had a nosebleed again: “Go away, I have someone I like…” A certain male evildoer hooked his lips: “It doesn’t matter, anyway, I will depend on you in this life!”


  • Tsundere Star Mom: Teach a Male God To Be a Dad
  • 傲娇星妈:调教男神当奶爸
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