Take the Empire To the Other World


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270 Chapters · 24 Readers
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Novel Summary

The protagonist takes with him a different-space territory where he can build and recruit subordinates to reality, and inexplicably travels to a world that has just completed the first industrial revolution. Inadvertently, the protagonist finds that the different-space territory incorporates the era of empires, horseback riding in his computer in his previous life. Combined with the three series of game factors of hack and slash and total war, and integrated with the occupation system of another world. The human warriors of the steam age are combined with the unique occupation system of the world. The green skins and brutal human lords of the European continent are still in the savage feudal era. The human federation’s desire for magic stones has brought the pace of colonization to magic Abundant Europa. What will happen when elves, orcs, chaotic humans, beastmen, ratmen, lizardmen and other alien races collide with the human steam world with professionals?


  • Take the Empire To the Other World
  • 带着帝国闯异界
Addition DateJune 11, 2023
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TagsArmy Building,Gate to Another World,Kingdom Building,Magical Space,Nationalism,Nobles,Racism,Slave Harem,Slaves,System,World Hopping