80s Peasant Girl


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773 Chapters · 18 Readers
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The daughter of the ancient Kyushu tribe. Rebirth to the poor ravines of the 1980s on the earth, for six years of foolishness, his parents and elder brothers worked hard for him, making his family stubborn. Once awakened, she vowed to lead a small family to live a good life with plenty of food and clothing… However, there are some good things in the house, and those relatives who are eyeing the best will hit the door, and they want to get a share of the pie. I don’t know who is used to the problem. It doesn’t work for once? Want to do it again? Okay, nothing more than three things, look at the old man’s face to give another chance… Yo, you don’t have a long memory? I don’t know how grandma is acting, right? Today I will tell you with fists… I broke the ten thousand laws with one force, and I would fight if I didn’t accept it.


  • 80s Peasant Girl
  • 八零农家悍女
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