The Whip of the God of Basketball


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425 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Bu Ai Chi Cao De Yang

Novel Summary

He is a cunning fox, he is a brave lion, he is a shrewd barbarian who suddenly rushed into the basketball world, he is the new monarch of the old dynasty in the east, he is the basketball emperor who stepped on the old era to open the new century, he is the NBA Attila, he is the whip in the hands of God. He is Fox Leon, the whip of the gods in basketball.


TitleThe Whip of the God of Basketball
Raw Title篮球之上帝之鞭
Addition DateJune 18, 2023
AuthorBu Ai Chi Cao De Yang
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TagsBusiness Management,Cunning Protagonist,Early Romance,Hard-Working Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Naive Protagonist