The Body Swap Game


492 Chapters
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492 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Chi Jian Ying Huo

Novel Summary

[Welcome to the Body Swap Game] [This product can only be used to exchange with the body of the opposite sex] [You can unilaterally prohibit the opposite sex from entering your body, and leave your body under the custody of the system] [Due to the anti-addiction policy, you can only play for eight hours a day] [Due to inevitable bugs, you may exchange bodies with alien creatures, including but not limited to the following species: female cats, female fish, female cockroaches, please wait for eight hours to pass] [After the exchange is successful, you will get a bonus from the system] [The manufacturer may release some test tasks, you can choose to accept them] [I wish you a happy game]


TitleThe Body Swap Game
Raw Title身体交换游戏
Addition DateJune 19, 2023
AuthorChi Jian Ying Huo
Weekly Rank#1452
Monthly Rank#3029
All Time Rank#3415
TagsAppearance Changes,Body Swap,Game Elements,Level System,Reincarnated in Another World