The Road to Slaying God


524 Chapters
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524 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Luo Ba Dao

Novel Summary

An ordinary student, a wretched peeper, a cowardly teenager with a kind heart. In a terrorist attack, he inherited the knowledge of countless elites, embarked on a path of God Jagged Tu… He is an artist! He is a mathematician! He is a psychology Doctor! He is a master of fighting! In fact, he is a man Taken off raw site: A wretched, dirty young man is working during the summer when he was caught up in a mysterious explosion. After that explosion, the young man is then left with the memories and knowledge of dozens of the world’s experts. He has changed, his heart has become cold, iron-blooded. He became a killing machine, his mind turned mechanical, calculative. Everything goes according to his plans and calculations! In this magical, slaughterous world, a door is opened for him…


TitleThe Road to Slaying God
Raw Title屠神之路
Addition DateJune 25, 2023
AuthorLuo Ba Dao
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TagsArtists,Beast Companions,Beautiful Female Lead,Clever Protagonist,Cowardly Protagonist,Doctors,Fast Learner,Firearms,Gangs,Handsome Male Lead,Hiding True Abilities,Male Protagonist,Modern Day,Personality Changes,Perverted Protagonist,Police,Polygamy,Romantic Subplot,Secretive Protagonist,Shameless Protagonist,Sudden Strength Gain,Terrorists,Transplanted Memories