My Wife Is the Martial Alliance Head


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1829 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Hei Ye deBai Yang

Novel Summary

Who says I am a worthless student, the pretty Alliance Leader is within my grasp. Who says I am a single man, a harem of huge numbers waits upon me. Watch how the strongest senior high school student in history, Li Fan, turns over the city upside down, becoming a hero unparalleled under the heavens! My wife is the martial alliance leader, and I am the strongest senior high school student, Li Fan! I’m waiting for all of you to drop in to discuss the rules of Jianghu!


TitleMy Wife Is the Martial Alliance Head
Raw Title老婆是武林盟主
Addition DateJuly 10, 2023
AuthorHei Ye deBai Yang
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TagsArrogant Characters,Beautiful Female Lead,Cowardly Protagonist,Cultivation,Hiding True Abilities,Hiding True Identity,Male Protagonist,Modern Day,Netorare,Perverted Protagonist,Politics,Polygamy,Protagonist Strong from the Start,Racism,Secret Organizations,Wealthy Characters