Give Me the Name of God


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969 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Sha La Gu Si

Novel Summary

Zeus’s thunder roared in the sky, Gaia’s anger burned on the earth. I came from the Jurassic and witnessed the world once dominated by gods. The glorious age of the gods has withered, the turbulent empire is rising, the ancient gods are regarded as heretics, the temples are destroyed, the believers are killed, and the gods are passing blood and artifacts to the world in anger. Although he has nothing, he yearns for the kingdom of gods, survives in the mist of monsters, preserves himself in the battles of the nobles, and seeks a place in the hegemony of the kings. Give me the blood of God and revive the power of my God. Give me the name of God and restart the legend of the gods.


TitleGive Me the Name of God
Raw Title赐我神之名
Addition DateJune 25, 2023
AuthorSha La Gu Si
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TagsCheats,Gods,Kingdom Building,Second Chance,Sexual Abuse,Shounen-Ai Subplot,System,Transmigration,Weak to Strong