Lord of Puluo


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446 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Two railroad tracks rushed into the yard, and a steam train broke through the door. The singer in cheongsam ate ten kilograms of steamed buns, stepped onto the railway track, roared, and stopped the train. She was a food cultivator. The old man who smoked dry cigarettes blew out the smoke and burned the beauty's cheongsam. He was the smoke repairer. The young man driving the rickshaw snatched the old man's pipe and pot and ran away without a trace. He was a traveling repairman. After running for an hour, the young man was still on the train. The train is a home for home repairs. Once you get on the train, you can’t even think about leaving. This is Prozhou. There are hundreds of schools in the world, who can compete with them? Provincial, who is the leader.

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