Longevity and Immortal Cultivation: Starting from Controlling Your Own Essence


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266 Chapters · 55 Readers
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Author:Wu Ta Qing Yun

Novel Summary

Essence energy comes from transforming the essence of the five grains and cultivating and refining the energy of health. Every movement of the human body needs enough energy to support it. Its magical effects can be described as infinite. Vitality, the so-called innate primordial qi, comes out of the mother's womb, involves the human body to the depths, and consumes a little every day of life, irreversible, mysterious and inexhaustible. Zhang Yao, who has traveled to the world of cultivating immortals, not only has outstanding talent in essence and vitality, but also has an attribute panel that can display all his skills in data form. With such a configuration, it can be said that Zhang Yao started the game with a bang, but Zhang Yao didn't make any fuss, so he practiced silently, maintained himself carefully, developed carefully, and made steady progress. Ever since, in Haohaoxiu's Immortal Realm, there appeared such an old man who was extremely mysterious in the mouths of righteous patriarchs of all factions, demon lords, monster giants, evil ghosts, and the big pit kings behind the scenes. Immortal. He sits and watches the sun and the moon rise and fall, the world goes up and down, and before he knows it, he is invincible!


TitleLongevity and Immortal Cultivation: Starting from Controlling Your Own Essence
Raw Title长生修仙:从掌控自身精元开始
Addition DateJuly 7, 2023
AuthorWu Ta Qing Yun
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TagsCheats,Cultivation,Immortals,Male Protagonist,Transmigration