Elf Invasion: I live broadcast popular science Pokémon


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"Anchor anchor, this Pokémon looks like a big toad with garlic on its back, why don't we call him garlic bastard." "I have a question, why can't it be called a garlic toad?" "Anchor, say something." Chen Mo looked at the cute green elf who was carrying bulb-shaped seeds in front of him, tilted his head and stared at him, and then looked at the bullet screen floating on the screen, and shook his head helplessly. "Explain to the new audience that the scientific name of this Pokémon is Frog Seed, not Garlic Bastard, let alone Garlic Toad!" After waking up, Chen Mo traveled to a world invaded by monsters. However…… The terrifying fire-breathing dragon that was rumored to have destroyed an armed team was actually a fire-breathing dragon; Extremely violent and ferocious, it often sneaks into the city and bites through the gate with its giant teeth that can penetrate the iron plate. The mouse devil who invaded the residents' rooms is actually the little Lada; Shaped like a butterfly, but the unknown powder sprinkled can cause people to fall into a coma, even paralyzed, and even poisoned to death. The butterfly demon is actually Ba Dahu. Responsible for the Pokémon science popularization system, seeing the increasingly fierce conflict between humans and Pokémon, Chen Mo felt that he had to do something. Many years later, Chen Mo, known as the "Father of Pokémon", "Founder of Pokémon Sports", and "Permanent Honorary President of the Gorgeous Contest", said. "Humans and Pokémon will usher in a new era together."


  • Elf Invasion: I live broadcast popular science Pokémon
  • 精灵入侵:我直播科普宝可梦
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