This young insect catcher is as steady as an old dog


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454 Chapters · 7 Readers
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An ordinary young insect catcher got his first elf ball in his life, and was about to tame his first elf, but suddenly got the memory and superpowers of another world. From then on, the insect catching boy began to accumulate strength, hold steady, and develop crazily, so as not to be killed by a sudden strong man... Read Notes: 1. The strength of this book is higher than that of the original book. The setting is based on the animated version of elves such as giant fast dragon, giant stinging jellyfish, giant hudi, and giant puppet. Ordinary elves can also continue to break through. For details, see related works. 2. In the first five years of the game, the protagonist did not leave the village after opening up the Novice Village, and directly opened up the Novice Village in the second week. 3. The protagonist suffers from a mental illness. [Tags]: Pokémon, Pokémon, Pokémon, Pokemon


  • This young insect catcher is as steady as an old dog
  • 精灵之这个捕虫少年稳如老狗
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