Pokemon from Scratch


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420 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Hen Meng Hen Hao Chi

Novel Summary

Travel through the world of elves thousands of years ago and become a farmer. But this elf world seems to be different from what he imagined, dark and savage, the elves here are called monsters, and humans and monsters are full of battles. See how Aiwen uses modern elf science to farm, make fertilizer, cultivate elves, build elf balls, develop technology, and create a new order! For many traversers, technology is the primary productive force, but here, elves are the primary productive force! This is a story of an elf breeder quietly farming and establishing an elf alliance. Also known as: Farming from elves, I established an alliance of elves in the ancient elf world, the farming journey of an elf breeder Keywords: Pokémon, Pokemon, Pokémon, Pokemon, Special


TitlePokemon from Scratch
Raw Title从零开始的精灵
Addition DateJuly 17, 2023
AuthorHen Meng Hen Hao Chi
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TagsFarming,Male Protagonist,Monsters,Transmigration,Pokemon