Pokemon: Pick up Eevee at the start


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511 Chapters · 9 Readers
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Author:Guo Zhi Bu Shi Gu Gu Ge

Novel Summary

A poor household who crossed into a fusion elf world? Xia Chen, who started on the difficulty of hell, said that he was not panicked at all. No money to be a trainer? Then start as a researcher! Research new evolutionary paths, develop little-known elf characteristics, look for super-evolutions and Z-moves that have not yet appeared... After accumulating enough resources, change jobs to be a trainer, become a gym master or a salted fish king, wait to die, and raise a lot of cute elves to spend the rest of your life together. But the life I had planned early was disrupted by a picked up Eevee and various elves with special skills... ————— Ibrahimovic: "When I am reborn, I must make up for the regrets of my previous life, and climb to the peak that no one can reach with Xia Chen!" Menus: "Golden scales are not a thing in the pool! Alola coconut egg trees can be dragons, why can't I become a dragon? Dragon cultivation system, open!" Xanadu: "Why don't all the elf life simulation results have the ending I want? I'm so unwilling, come again!" Little Broken Diamond: "As long as you walk down this road, can you evolve into the legendary Tianxi? I understand!" ... This book is also titled, "I Really Didn't Want to Be Taken Fly by the Elves", "My Elves Have a Big Problem", "My Elves and My Hanging Elves"


TitlePokemon: Pick up Eevee at the start
Raw Title精灵:开局捡到重生伊布
Addition DateJuly 17, 2023
AuthorGuo Zhi Bu Shi Gu Gu Ge
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TagsElves,Male Protagonist,Pets,Transmigration,Pokemon