Laws of the Insect Hive虫群法则

745 Chapters
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745 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Zan De Xiao Dao

Novel Summary

Systrom, transliterated from system, translated into Chinese as system. He had forgotten his name, and when he woke up he became a small grasshopper named Systrom, the kind of grasshopper that can jump several meters away. After more than ten days, when he adjusted to the life of a grasshopper and was jumping happily, he suddenly found a yellow leaf falling in the sky. –Autumn has come. … This is the story of a grasshopper with a colony of ants farming after autumn. The story begins in a very common late summer and early autumn in the Lierte Forest…


TitleLaws of the Insect Hive
Raw Title虫群法则
AuthorZan De Xiao Dao
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TagsGods,Incest,Level System,Magic,Non-humanoid Protagonist,Reincarnated as a Monster,Romantic Subplot,System Administrator