Evolve from cloning


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478 Chapters · 63 Readers
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"My name is Su Ze." "I originally thought that I would become the second generation of officials, but I didn't expect that I was just his clone, a scapegoat for him to escape punishment, and a tool for him to escape by feigning death." "To make matters worse, I will be executed tomorrow, but my cheat has not yet arrived..." ———— A thousand years ago, a rain of evolution fell, and the world began the era of evolution. Animals, plants, and humans all have the possibility of evolving towards higher-level life forms. It's just that human's evolution method is different. It needs to absorb the extract of higher-level life forms to complete evolution, and every time it absorbs an extract, it will also acquire a skill of the owner of the extract. Absorb the extract of "Undead Salamander" to gain the ability to regenerate severed limbs; Absorb the extract of "Ironclad Oyster" and have flexible sex; Absorb the extract of "Forest Periplaneta" and turn into an invincible Xiaoqiang; Absorbs the extract of "Shooting Armor", and the tail can spray strong acid with loud noise; Absorbing the "giant dung beetle" extract pushes manure... well, I didn't say so. When Su Ze came to this world, he wanted to see what was at the end of his life...


  • Evolve from cloning
  • 从克隆人开始进化
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