Evolve from cloning


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432 Chapters · 46 Readers
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Author:Tang Cu Niu You Guo

Novel Summary

"My name is Su Ze." "I originally thought that I would become the second generation of officials, but I didn't expect that I was just his clone, a scapegoat for him to escape punishment, and a tool for him to escape by feigning death." "To make matters worse, I will be executed tomorrow, but my cheat has not yet arrived..." ———— A thousand years ago, a rain of evolution fell, and the world began the era of evolution. Animals, plants, and humans all have the possibility of evolving towards higher-level life forms. It's just that human's evolution method is different. It needs to absorb the extract of higher-level life forms to complete evolution, and every time it absorbs an extract, it will also acquire a skill of the owner of the extract. Absorb the extract of "Undead Salamander" to gain the ability to regenerate severed limbs; Absorb the extract of "Ironclad Oyster" and have flexible sex; Absorb the extract of "Forest Periplaneta" and turn into an invincible Xiaoqiang; Absorbs the extract of "Shooting Armor", and the tail can spray strong acid with loud noise; Absorbing the "giant dung beetle" extract pushes manure... well, I didn't say so. When Su Ze came to this world, he wanted to see what was at the end of his life...


TitleEvolve from cloning
Raw Title从克隆人开始进化
Addition DateJuly 31, 2023
AuthorTang Cu Niu You Guo
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TagsCheats,Clones,Evolution,Male Protagonist,Monsters,Transmigration