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462 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Jiu Yue Jiang

Novel Summary

Back in 2003, Chen Nian witnessed a magnificent era. In this era, the J-10 has not yet entered service, the Varyag has just arrived in Hong Kong, and the Dongfeng 40 is just a distant legend. At the same time, the F-22 has been flying for the first time for 6 years, the Ronald Reagan is in service, the number of modern aircraft carriers in a single country has reached 9, and the B-2 has shown its prowess in actual combat...... At the same time, there are those civilian technologies that are changing with each passing day. Ultra-high-precision machine tools, large heavy machinery, large ships, high-performance engines... And we don't have any of these. But soon, we will all have.  … Mastering the technology analysis system, Chen Nian started from the military industry and brought the technologies he was familiar with to this era step by step. And these technologies will eventually become the spark that ignites civilization.  … The spark is passed down from generation to generation, keep flying!


Raw Title星火
Addition DateAugust 7, 2023
AuthorJiu Yue Jiang
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TagsMale Protagonist,System,Technological Gap,Time Travel