Into Unscientific


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I once sat and discussed with Newton, and I also walked side by side with Einstein. I messed with Planck's hairstyle, and I also wrote the preface to Zhang Zhongjing's Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Diseases. All in all, this is a story about a schoolmaster traveling through time and space in ancient and modern China and abroad, using the wisdom of the predecessors to open up the future of mankind. What? You say this is unscientific? No, it's very scientific! Note: This book is a black science and technology article, not the flow of the heavens, not the flow of the infinite, the protagonist will not have superpowers, everyone will know after reading it. There is also an old book "Handbook of Conquering Another World" high-end 30,000 orders with an average order of 8,000+, welcome to read.

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  • Into Unscientific
  • 走进不科学
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