Abyssal Wanderer


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312 Chapters · 11 Readers
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After his hand slipped and blew up the global Internet, Jiang Zhou became the worst sinner in human history and fell into a long deep sleep. And when he woke up again a hundred years later, what appeared before his eyes was an out-of-control era intertwined with wildness and civilization, full of control and resistance. In the abyss, countless out-of-control artificial intelligences are wreaking havoc; above Olympus, super companies that call themselves gods look down upon the mortals; in the base reality, mortals are struggling between misery and madness. But the night is over, and the dawn is coming. When he woke up from his long slumber, the seeds of anthropogenic revolution had germinated. Brain-computer interface, mandala program, adjustment depth, mental index, Icarus syndrome, military zombies... On the eve of the end of this dark age, when someone asked Jiang Zhou who he was, he answered like this: "I am one and many; I am the beginning and the end; you may call me Paradox itself. I am the First Deep One, the Restarter of Icarus, and the Gatekeeper of the Land of Nord. I am the prison breaker, the lighthouse thug, the man who picked off the golden branch, and the faceless god who rules the underworld. I have countless identities, just like the wind has countless directions, and mortals have countless ways to die. My name is—— " "In other words, you are the only one in the entire organization?" "Uh...that's how it is."


  • Abyssal Wanderer
  • 深渊漫游者
Addition DateAugust 19, 2023
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