I can synthesize extraordinary genes infinitely


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935 Chapters · 96 Readers
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Author:Jiu Zhuan KK

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Extraordinary awakening, eternal night is coming. Pei Jinye crossed over and became an ordinary high school student under the management of the Federal Intelligence. He lost his fortune at the beginning and his future was bleak. Fortunately, he can pick up attribute light clusters and synthesize extraordinary. [Spirit·Blood Spear]: Spiritual power transforms into a spear, which can devour the opponent's memory and deprive the opponent of his extraordinary power! [Body·Vajra]: Vibrant blood, vajra glaring, physically invincible! [Force·Manshan]: Incomparable in strength, it can swallow thousands of miles! ... In the 404th year of the star calendar, the hexagram is very fierce. In this year, an oracle came to the world in Dongzhou, and the disciples of the old gods walked in the world. There was an evil fire in Xizhou, and the Taoist left with a golden lotus. The swordsmen of Beizhou threw out the battle card, demanding to be number one in the world. The priests of Nanzhou used the name of the new god to hunt down the disciples of the old god. And Zhongzhou has become the central battlefield, and the water is full of fire, and it is too busy to take care of itself. It was also this year that Pei Jinye wondered whether he should go undercover in the federation as a disciple of the old god, or pursue and kill the disciple of the old god as a federal law enforcer... "In the end, why did they all become mine?" (This book is also known as: "I Was Misidentified as a Villain Boss Again" and "After Killing the Boss of Good and Evil", "I Succeeded in the Ranking"...Punch to the flesh, kill decisively)


TitleI can synthesize extraordinary genes infinitely
Raw Title我能无限合成超凡基因
Addition DateAugust 20, 2023
AuthorJiu Zhuan KK
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TagsMale Protagonist,System,Transmigration