The First Order第一序列

1289 Chapters
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1289 Chapters · 11 Readers
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Author:Hui Shuo Hua De Zhou Zi

Novel Summary

This is a brand new story. Survive the darkness, see the light There is no right or wrong, it just depends on which side you are standing on. To be a god, or to be a man. To be good, or to be evil. Just what is…the highest order of weapon that humanity has? —————— After a great catastrophe struck, the world was set back many years and humanity started living in anarchy. With time, society started building up again and people were now living in walled strongholds and fringe towns across the land. Humans have also become distrustful and ruthless in an unforgiving society where the strong survive and the weak are eliminated. Growing up in such an era, Ren Xiaosu had to fend for himself. After an incident, he gained supernatural powers…


TitleThe First Order
Raw Title第一序列
Addition DateMarch 24, 2022
AuthorHui Shuo Hua De Zhou Zi
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TagsAbility Steal,Adapted to Manhua,Brotherhood,Cautious Protagonist,Cheats,Clever Protagonist,Cosmic Wars,Death of Loved Ones,Devoted Love Interests,Discrimination,Enemies Become Allies,Evil Protagonist,Firearms,Game Elements,Hiding True Abilities,Human Experimentation,Level System,Lost Civilizations,Male Protagonist,Misunderstandings,Mysterious Past,Philosophical,Post-apocalyptic,Power Couple,Romantic Subplot,Shameless Protagonist,Sharp-tongued Characters,Slow Romance,Special Abilities,System,Underestimated Protagonist