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In a vast silver-white space, Fang Yu looked at the black tights she was wearing, looking a little eager to try. "What? World simulation? Game life?" "Urban", "Reality", "Science Fiction" "What the hell is the city and reality? It must be science fiction!" "Super Technology", "Evolutionary Variation", "Apocalyptic Crisis" "Wait, why does it look so familiar? ... Never mind, as a veteran player of single-player survival, why don't you come to the end of the world to experience the fun of picking up trash?" World background confirmed... Database filtering... Extracting host data... The world has been selected! --"Ice Age" In the evolution of the background world... 1% a month later... Fang Yu: "????" Fang Yu: "Who can tell me, what the hell happened?!!!" (The work "Adventure from the Long Night" has already been completed with a million words. It is a power generation for love. It is only signed for 500,000 words. Even if you are on the street, you will finish it. Guaranteed character, welcome to eat!) Read Notes: [The main function of the simulator is to create a world experience, similar to infinite stream, non-text simulator] [The main purpose of the world in this book is to experience, experience different worlds, survival is a factor, but not all] [The new book has been released, "Cards in Another World: Beginning with Survival on the Island" asks for attention and collection~~]


  • Real World Simulator
  • 现实世界模拟器
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