A big country of aerospace with black technology


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373 Chapters · 26 Readers
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[Black Technology] [Rise of Great Powers] [Explore the Star Sea] Back to the 1990s, the darkest moment of Rocket Research Institute. The rocket launch failed, the research institute was on the verge of bankruptcy, and the aerospace industry was at the moment of life and death.  … Zhang Xingyang, the youngest academician scientist in the 22nd century, has returned to this era, step by step to build a great aerospace power. ... Starting from high-thrust rocket systems, to low-cost recyclable spacecraft, and then to the "Jianmu" space elevator that connects space and the ground. Until the "Three Gorges in Space" space power station that shocked the world sent enough energy for the people of the whole country back to the surface, The spaceships in the Tiangong space starport shuttle in the orbit of the earth and the moon are industrious like bees. The permanent ground base on the moon has become an outpost for human exploration of the starry sky. When the Chinese people planted the red flag on Mars, Zhang Yang finally fulfilled his promise. Our journey is the sea of stars!


  • A big country of aerospace with black technology
  • 黑科技的大国航天
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