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955 Chapters · 62 Readers
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Do you want to explore the truth of this universe? You want to be a pseudo-scholar who can only see the answers to the questions but cannot understand the knowledge. Or do you want to gradually become a true academic master through your own efforts in the deep learning state one by one? Regarding these questions, Xu You also hesitated, but never regretted his choice. Of course, becoming a top student is only a small step on the road to discovering the truth. The small joy of figuring out a difficult problem from success. To the great shock of solving an unknown conjecture. A blockbuster paper from the discovery of new low-temperature superconducting substances. A material revolution to room temperature superconductivity. Smart chips as small as nanometers. A giant rocket with a carrying capacity of hundreds of tons. ... Xu You is not only excited by these achievements, but also enjoys the process of exploring the truth. In this way, step by step towards the summit of the profound and splendid truth.


  • Top Student
  • 学霸之巅
Addition DateSeptember 4, 2023
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TagsClever Protagonist,Genius Protagonist,Industrialization,Male Protagonist,Scientists