Ultimate Scholar


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285 Chapters · 21 Readers
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Author:Shou Xi She Ji Shi

Novel Summary

The average IQ of ordinary people is 90, while the smartest people have IQs as high as nearly 300. But obviously, IQ will ultimately be limited by the structure of the human brain. So, when a person's mind has the same ability as the ultimate computer, what will his IQ be? Li Mu doesn't know how to quantify this problem, but he will use proofs of world-class mathematical problems, physical theories comparable to the theory of relativity, super black technology that changes the world, etc., to tell people that the answer is unimaginable.


TitleUltimate Scholar
Raw Title终极学霸
Addition DateSeptember 2, 2023
AuthorShou Xi She Ji Shi
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TagsClever Protagonist,Genius Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Scientists