Resurrection of the Mystery: Starting from the Clone of the Stone-born Monkey


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198 Chapters · 19 Readers
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Author:Zhong Xia Wu You

Novel Summary

Travel to a world where martial arts are prosperous and monsters are revived Wang Ge inherited the fiefdoms of his father's generation and became a vassal king. With mediocre martial arts talent, he originally wanted to be a simple happy prince However, there is an imperial court cutting down the vassals and exterminating the three clans with cruel methods. There are barbarians and witches making troubles inside, and the people in the fief are miserable. There are more monsters revived, and the weirdness is frequent... Troubled times are coming, but fortunately, Wang Ge ran into a stone-born monkey born in heaven and earth! [Stone-born monkey: spirit of heaven and earth, seed of gods and demons, able to change, know the time of the sky, know the location, and move the stars... Due to the end of the Dharma, the essence of spiritual energy is insufficient, the fetus sleeps in a stone shell, and the spiritual wisdom is ignorant. It can revive its intelligence, turn it into a clone, and re-breed it] Wang Ge found that he could share the abilities and talents of the stone-born spirit monkey. As long as the stone-born spirit monkey continues to develop, not only will the cultivation talent continue to increase, but it will even become the world's best martial arts monster. What's more, he can use his supernatural powers and talents to make the weather go smoothly, govern the country and the country, and become a holy lord and Mingjun. The stone-born spirit monkey was just the beginning. When the enemies tried their best to besiege and kill Wang Ge, the peerless martial god, and tried to break through his kingdom, they were horrified to find one terrifying giant beast after another coming out of his territory...


TitleResurrection of the Mystery: Starting from the Clone of the Stone-born Monkey
Raw Title神诡复苏:从石胎灵猴分身开始
Addition DateSeptember 6, 2023
AuthorZhong Xia Wu You
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TagsAliens,Cheats,Cultivation,Male Protagonist,Mythology,Transmigration