Quick Time Travel Plane Development 2


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685 Chapters · 5 Readers
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(No CP quick travel) Since Dan Hua has self-awareness, it has existed for an unknown period of time. One day, a system broke into his plane, and Dan Hua opened the door to a new world and started a journey through time and space. Another day, another system comes to your door—— system:? ? Can you be a human being? Yu Hua: As a human being, I am a professional system:! ! So you were a human before Yu Hua: So I was not a human before System logic is dead. Yuhua picked up the faulty system and opened the space-time channel ………… The first story: There is always a female supporting character with a vicious surname The vicious female supporting role whitewashing system is now online—— Yuhua: OK, the law will make her white again. The second story: There will always be immortals Monks: Let me be free in heaven and on earth—— Zihua raised his head and looked at the monks flying around above his head: close the door and turn on the system The third story: Never be afraid


  • Quick Time Travel Plane Development 2
  • 快穿之位面养成记2
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