Rebirth of science and technology academic master


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742 Chapters · 32 Readers
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This is a story that started when I returned to high school. With the help of the black technology academic system, I went from a scumbag to an academic master, changed my destiny in the college entrance examination, won CMO and IMO gold medals, refused to be recruited by Qingbei, and insisted on taking the college entrance examination. If you can rely on your own talent to make your debut in the college entrance examination, why should you be recommended for special admission? In the end, with a full score of 750+20 in the college entrance examination, you become the target of prestigious schools! From top academics to great scientists, the twin prime conjectures, Zhou's conjecture and Hailstorm conjecture. . . . . He solved the world's problems one by one and solved the millennium problems one by one! It is an honor for him to win the Fields Medal and the Nobel Prize! Car engines, aircraft engines, aircraft carriers, moon landings, nuclear fusion, etc. were born in his hands! . . . . . . "Our journey is across the stars and the sea!" Qin Yuanqing said loudly! . . . . The new book "I Really Don't Want to Be a High School Scholar" has been uploaded, everyone is welcome to go


  • Rebirth of science and technology academic master
  • 重生科技学霸
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