Game ability inheritance, I am hoarding tens of billions of defense towers


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169 Chapters · 16 Readers
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Author:Hui Shuo Hua De Bi Tong

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All categories of games invade Blue Star, and the end is coming. Secret realms, alien beasts, zombies, demons, NPCs, potions...all game elements emerge one by one in Blue Star. The good news is, The abilities in the game have also been inherited into reality: Landlord masters control 54 playing cards; LOL players have summoner skills; The internet-addicted boy inserted a shamanic totem; There is a Three Kingdoms lord player who inherited one hundred thousand tiger and leopard knights; There are also people who drive tanks, planes and warships... In the last life, Shen Fei inherited the shooting skills from the chicken game. When the boss invaded the base city, he was devoured by the monster. Back to the Game Invasion A month ago, Shen Fei decisively entered a niche tower defense game. soon, The top rankings in various tower defense game rankings have all become Shen Fei. The end of the world is coming, A giant city floating in the air appeared: a magic wall thousands of meters high, a high-tech shield glowing with blue light, and defense towers inserted into the sky... Void invasion? The return of the Zerg? An army of cultivators? Devoured by the abyss? Stop everything! It is forbidden to travel here! . [15,000 exciting articles are updated every day, with more foreshadowing in the early stage, and the excitement starts from Chapter 110! 】


TitleGame ability inheritance, I am hoarding tens of billions of defense towers
Raw Title游戏能力继承,我囤积百亿防御塔
Addition DateSeptember 14, 2023
AuthorHui Shuo Hua De Bi Tong
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