An evolutionary game starting from Suolongjing


454 Chapters
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454 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Ben Dan Tu Zi Jun

Novel Summary

The end of the Dharma is about to end, and all things are revived. The inheritance and taboos that have been cut off from the past are just about to start, and they are dreaming of crawling out of the abyss and living another life. At this juncture between the old and the new, a game called World Evolution approached Zhang Ke, and he embarked on another path. In the Forbidden City, under the Dragon Lock Well, dragons roar; In the Yellow River Water Mansion, among the piles of bones, a hand raised a big seal... At the same time, in the city, in the decaying and abandoned temples, the dusty statues of gods quietly changed their faces...


TitleAn evolutionary game starting from Suolongjing
Raw Title从锁龙井开始的进化游戏
Addition DateSeptember 17, 2023
AuthorBen Dan Tu Zi Jun
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TagsCultivation,Game Elements,Male Protagonist